Fall Jewelry Trends 2021

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Fall Jewelry Trends 2021

It's no lie that in Puerto Rico is summer every time of the year. So that means that even in christmas we have beach days and somedays it can get very hot. Even tho, some of us like to change our outfits and coordinate them according the season of the year. When temperatures get as low as 60° F and 70° F we love a nice sweater. So the Del Mar Team (the girl boss) prepared this guide on how to stay trendy with your own jewelry and with the pieces from shoppdelmar.com

Fall 2021 Jewelry Trends

1. Sparkly chandelier earrings
2. Thick chokers
3. Chains
4. Hoop earrings
5. Statement earrings
6. Zodiac jewelry
7. Layers
8. Charms
9. Big earrings
10. Flowers
11. Strike gold and silver statement

Now, let's talk about the styles. From the fashion gurus I've learned that this is the year of Y2K and 80's fashion. We are seeing a lot of the styles worn those years. You will see a lot of beads, colors and layers. Also, some are using big chunky earrings again. In a world of less is more ... more is coming back. 
Some pieces from DMJ that are perfect to fit in this trend. 
  • Chunky rings- acrylic rings are back and more than welcomed by the fashion community. In our shop you can find a variety of styles and colors. If you want to be more in the fall we suggest the brown, bone and caramel colors.

  • Statement earrings- we offer a variety of statement pieces, most of them in gold. Here are our picks for this season: spiral, abu earrings, julles earrings (this earrings are the talk of the party, you should totally get them if you love trends but don't want to fit in with the season colors)
  • Chains- we fell in love with this trend so we made this beautiful pieces, you can get the necklace, bracelet or both. Handmade with aluminum chain, millefiori beads and great quality wire. CM2021 necklace & PM2021 bracelet. Also, in today's situation, who doesn't love a good mask/sunglass holder. This one is perfect and goes with those fall colors!
    CM2021 - DelMarJewelry
  • Charms- we love, love, love the messages that a charm can carry. That's why we suggest this pieces from our shop. Flowers, beads and charms! The best in one necklace. If you love to travel, this necklace is perfect for you!
    Viajera/o - DelMarJewelry
  • Hoops!- I hope this babys never go out of style. Who doesn't love a good pair of hoops?! From statement to more classy, here are our choices from our store. Gota and beaded hoops
    GOTA - DelMarJewelry
  • Strike gold- another trend are solo earring, wearing mismatched earrings or just one. We have the perfect ear cuff to level up your ear candy!
    ME - DelMarJewelry
To wrap this amazing and informative blog article let me remind you something. You don't need to buy a whole closet every season. Remember the stuff you have and how you can maximize it! Even if you end up not buying something from out shop we hope you learned a little something with our article. In a world where fast fashion and ultra consumerism is seen as a normal rule, be the change and go thrifting or reuse your pieces. Remember that we want to live more in this beautiful planet and we also want to leave a great place for our future kids/family members. If you use our guide to level up your outfit this season share your looks with us! Tag us on instagram or facebook @delmarjewelry
Also, stay tuned to our social media to keep up with the trends as the season goes!